Website Guide

6×6 Series, Oak design was built to provide the information outdoor lighting professionals have requested!  If you can’t find what you need please call or email us.  See Contact page.  The following is an outline of information and resources:

Home page

Introduction to Attraction Lights:

  • Key lighting design features
  • Photo gallery introduction – a great introduction for your clients too!

Lights page

  • New scroll down format to review the different “Series” of lights.  The 2×2 Series is new and the 4×4 and 6×6 Series are our top sellers.
  •  Note the “PDF Resources & Downloads” at the page bottom for viewing fixture sizes and design options you can download and print.
  • Photos of fixtures and designs are found on the Galleries page.  PDFs are the most complete representation of all our design options.

Galleries page

  • Choose Series 2×2, 4×4 and 6×6 to see the fixtures that are our main sellers.  The 6×6 and 4×4 Series of lights are grouped by design.  Each design group shows fixtures of different heights with that specific design.
  • Choose “Design Overview” for photos of our most popular graphic designs grouped by pricing level (See Pricing page for listing).  Shadow patterns are also shown.
  • Choose “Projects” to see how Attraction Lights have been used on projects.  Great for ideas on how to use!  Submit your best photos to have your project added!
  • Choose “Postcards” to see our promotional literature.  PDF downloads are available for your use.
  • If you see photos you would like to use for your promotions please contact Attraction Lights for permission.  We can send you a folder with high rez images for your use.

Pricing page

  • Password protected page so your clients can review Attraction Lights information and choices without pricing.  Email us with your business information and we will send you the password.
  • Ordering information:  Send us an email with your fixture requests.
  • Please note that fixture pricing varies with the graphic design selected.  The graphic design options are grouped into Standard, Premium or Deluxe pricing levels.
  • LED recommendations and pricing have been added to the options section
  • In Stock Fixtures is new with fixtures for 1-2 week shipping. Demo lights are drawn from our in stock fixtures (See Demo Lights Policy on the About page).

Latest News page

  • Informative articles about Attraction Lights, including recommendations on using our distinctive features in your landscape lighting designs.

About Page

  • Informative topics cover light fixture features and installation information.
  • PDF Resources are found here under the appropriate topic.  Examples:  Fixture Dimensions, Installation, Concrete Piers, LEDs and Design Options.


  • Retail area for homeowners with retail pricing shown
  • Attraction Lights 6×6 and 4×4 Series presented in a new simpler format compared with main website.
  • Try this area and let us know if you like the Store’s format for ease of finding information and showing lights to clients.