Attraction Lights – Design Ideas

Looking for a way to spark renewed interest with your existing clients? We’d suggest showing them the latest and greatest in artistic outdoor lighting! Our best customers tell us of great results recommending Attraction Lights fixtures to their existing clients. Some even take … Continued

Firefly Series: Globes + Round Columns – New for 2018

Firefly Globes and Round Columns – New for 2018!   Background:   A couple months ago, I discovered copper wire LED string lights while out at a nice restaurant with my business partner, Janie. The enchanting display of “Firefly Lights” we … Continued

Attraction Lights Talks About “The Imitators”

Fifteen years ago, the ORIGINAL Attraction Lights introduced a distinctive new style to the landscape lighting market. Unfortunately, some new, inexperienced companies are now trying to capitalize on our popularity with poorly made imitations of Attraction Lights’ signature style. Nothing … Continued

Attraction Lights Spark Interest

Attraction Lights will Spark Interest with your clients! Add new, exciting opportunities for clients in 2016 by offering clients Attraction Lights in their existing landscape design!  Attraction Lights fixtures are a great conversation starter with your clients! Here’s how: Call … Continued

2×2 Series: Expanded Vision!

Attraction Lights is introducing new landscape lighting fixtures, called “2×2 Series!” These slim, stylish lights broaden the appeal of our decorative designs, and offer a significant reduction in price, too! The 2×2 Series embodies many of the same distinctive features … Continued

Home and Garden Show Plans?

Do your business marketing plans include trade or home and garden shows?  If so, Attraction Lights can help your display stand out from the crowd! Landscape lighting professionals and contractors who display our distinctive artistic fixtures report great show results … Continued

Aluminum Attraction Lights!

Introducing Aluminum Lights, that replicate our popular steel designs!  We have also added new fixture designs inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright window panels. Attraction Lights has had many requests for fixtures that will resist corrosive sea side conditions. This line … Continued

Shadow Pattern Lighting

Exciting new trends in outdoor lighting! This spring at Light Fair there was a lot of excitement for “Broken Light.” A Netherlands based lighting design company has won numerous international awards for its streetscape lighting that features “shadow patterns.” The … Continued

Website Guide was built to provide the information outdoor lighting professionals have requested!  If you can’t find what you need please call or email us.  See Contact page.  The following is an outline of information and resources: Home page Introduction to Attraction … Continued

Lighting Creativity with Height and Scale

Attraction Lights produces landscape lights of many different sizes to allow for more effective lighting and more creativity in your projects.  The following information provides tips for our different height and scale fixtures.