Pier Mounted Fixture Upgrades:

Enclosed top:  The lamp and socket now have an enclosure built into the top of the fixture.  This enclosure provides weather protection and lamp shielding adjustment if needed.  Inserts are provided to adapt to different lamp sizes.  The enclosed top is now standard with all pier mounted fixtures.    This feature is optional for the stake mounted fixtures for an extra cost.

False bottom plate: This metal plate (if needed) rests inside the light fixture’s base to hide potential views of the mounting hardware and to cover wire connections housed in the base. This feature is included with fixtures that might have clear views into the fixture base.

Base plates slotted for anchor bolts:  As much as possible the holes in the base plates have been lengthened to allow easier mounting on anchor bolts and some rotation, 6×6 bollards have the greatest degree of rotation.

Hardware upgrades:  All stainless steel hardware is now 316 alloy (best for corrosion resistance)  Lamp rod and nuts for socket height adjustment are now solid brass.

LED options: Specific LED recommendations for specific fixtures (see About page – LEDs) may now be purchased with your order for an added cost (see Pricing page – Options). We will be glad to discuss the options at the time of your order. Note: The lamp choice influences the shadow patterns. See About page – “Shadow Patterns” and Latest News page – “Shadow Effects.”

New fixtures and designs:  see Lights page

Aluminum (AL) Series (4×4 and 6×6) fixtures with anodized finish provide highly corrosion resistant Attraction Lights options!

Cast Iron Series – features decorative cast iron

Trellis Series – trellis-style illuminated landscape elements

Pillars – large scale sculptural lighting.  Add excitement to commercial lighting!

Socket options: A single contact bayonet socket built from brass and stainless steel maybe requested with your order.  (4 ft. lead wire only) Only for path lights, grande path, beacon and grande beacon fixtures.  Standard socket is a ceramic bi pin with copper contacts that accommodates a wide variety of lamps. Lead wires are typically teflon-coated.  * A UL water proof listed lamp holding fixture by Excelsior Lighting is an option for the new AL Series Lights for maximum protection of the the lamp and socket in very corrosive environments.  (extra cost)

Socket mounting: The socket in all lights is now mounted in the top of the fixture body. The socket height is adjustable for precise positioning of led lamps, and the socket assembly is removable for easy access.

Lifetime Guarantee on all fixtures! Including new 2013 fixtures. (see About page – Guarantees)