Custom Design - Alpine Bank 6x6 Bollard
Custom Design – Alpine Bank 6×6 Bollard

If the standard fixture dimensions and designs of Attraction Lights do not fit the needs of your project, or your client, custom design may provide the best solution.  Please provide photos or drawings of specific ideas.

The custom design fee starts at $300, but may be higher depending on the scope of the work involved.  If the fee is higher it will be quoted upfront.

The $300 fee (paid in advance) will provide an initial AutoCAD drawn pdf proposal sheet with design options for consideration. After review, a final drawing will be produced suitable for production of the custom light fixtures.  There may be one more round of small changes.  Additional time beyond this outlined scope of work will be billed at $75 per hour.

Other custom charges:

  • Simple changes to the height of existing designs:  $100  for new cutting files
  • Changes to existing designs such as adding in a house number:  $200