The custom nature of Attraction Lights along with our wide variety of fixture sizes and designs has made UL Listing prohibitively expensive.  However, there are very few projects where this is an issue.

UL listing of lighting fixtures is typically required when they are included within the scope of work for a licensed electrician’s job permit.  Attraction Lights fixtures should be installed by the landscape contractor or outdoor lighting professional under his scope of work.  This is typical for 12 volt lighting to be specified as part of the landscape design and installation phase of a project.

The licensed electrician should provide the 120 volt ground fault protected outdoor circuits that will be needed for the low voltage lighting system.  The landscape contractor or outdoor lighting designer/contractor should run all the low voltage cable, set all transformers and all the lighting fixtures.

If a UL listing is essential for your project Attraction Lights can provide UL listed wet location fixtures mounted within our decorative housings.  This is quite simple, especially for 12 volt lighting, but we can also accommodate 120 volt lighting requirements.  In either case, there will be an extra cost for the UL listed fixture (A basic weather proof LED lamp holder or flood light), and for customizing the Attraction Lights decorative housing to properly accommodate the UL listed fixture.