Demo Lights are for the personal use of the lighting pro to acquaint himself/herself with our fixtures, and for display at shows or for client demos.

Demo Lights Fixture Recommendations:

  • Most Popular Designs: These are also the designs we regularly stock
    Swirls, Lantern, Vine (Standard Price design group)
    Aspen, FLW Circles (Premium Price = +15%)
  • To view “Designs Options” see Lights page (PDFs), Galleries page for photos
  • 2×2 Series: Path Lights – 2x2x24” with 2” cap – 3 designs available
  • 4×4 Series: Grande Path – 4x4x25” with 6” cap
  • 6×6 Series: Mini Bollard – 6x6x26” with 6” cap and/or 9” cap
  • We offer a special mid-range demo light size that can be shown as a 6×6 Bollard (9” cap) or as a husky path light (6” cap).  We recommend showing this 6×6 fixture with: LED 2 watt bipin and 5 watt MR16 to gauge the client’s level of lighting expectations.  (Priced as a 6x6x26” Mini Bollard)

Choose your lights:

  • Go to “In Stock Fixtures” accessed thru “Pricing” page
  • Email us with your business info to get the password
  • Choose “In Stock Fixtures” tab on left
  • Limit 3 Demo Light Fixtures, 1 from each Series
  • Also see our recommendations for LEDs on website About page

Ordering and Payment: 90 Day trial

  • Call or email Attraction Lights (contact Lyle) to confirm the availability of your lights request
  • Attraction Lights will confirm the order details with a “Demo Lights Invoice”
  • Total Demo Lights invoice not to exceed $1,000.00
  • 20% discount off contractor pricing if fixtures are purchased
  • Pay shipping costs to your location at time of order
  • Pay for LEDs when included at time of order
  • No other payments due for 90 days, OR return any lights
  • If installing the lights permanently the payment is due at shipping
  • If any fixtures are returned, you pay only shipping