Designer – Lyle Braund:  My motivation in landscape lighting fixture design is a vision for unique dimensions not found in the corporate outdoor lighting world.  Notice the beautiful shadow patterns cast from many fixtures!  Also, the sculptural fixtures add artistic elements that enhance your clients landscape design.  All of this, plus excellent lighting!

Over 25 years ago I first began installing outdoor lighting with my landscape design build company.  It has been over 12 years now that I have been designing and building our distinctive outdoor lights.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your project with you, and offer creative lighting solutions that will give you a design advantage over the common lights your competition will offer.

My product design goals are:

To provide innovative landscape lighting fixtures that use the highest quality components and last a lifetime.

To give lighting professionals and landscape designers options for creative outdoor lighting that no one else offers.

To make sure all lights provide excellent illumination.

To build fixtures that are easy to install and maintain.