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Aspen 6x6 Series
Aspen 6×6 Series – Snow Scenes

Snow Scenes

Happy Holidays from Attraction Lights!

Thank you to our customers of many years, as well as to all our new customers in 2016 for making this a great year!  We hope Attraction Lights has helped to make your 2016 projects the most memorable and beautiful ever.

As you can see, in winter, the dramatic beauty of our decorative fixtures are really something to behold. Click here to read more.

Pathway lighting with a twist, Swirls Path Lights

Creative new dimensions for your outdoor lighting designs

Attraction Lights offers distinctive light fixtures like no others! Consider our “Shadow Art Light” bollard style lights that produce dramatic shadow patterns!  Add excitement and fun to your landscape lighting plans! See About page, and click LEDs for our recommendations.

Artistic sculptural fixtures, Aspen 6×6 Bollard

A new way of thinking about landscape lighting

Our sculptural lights offer excellent LED lighting as pathway or driveway lights, bollards, area lights, or garden sculptures. Unlike most others, Attraction Lights fixtures add beautiful artistic elements to your landscape design night and day!

Nature designs for your garden, Oak design

Signature design elements

Looking for ways to distinguish your outdoor lighting designs and proposals? Attraction Lights can provide just that “signature element” that will impress your clients and win the project for you!  We also offer custom graphics and fixture design for your special projects.

Let Attraction Lights inspire you with artistic landscape lighting solutions!

Remodeling and Home Design
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